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If you happen to live in the UK, you'll be fortunate to have reasonably acceptable prices for PMR 446 Radios. But, on most of Continental Europe, it's still a bit too pricey for most pockets.

The country  I found out to have the most customer-friendly prices was Germany, hence, the shops that appear here on this links page are german ones.

 If you know shops that have better prices than these ones and want them to appear here, e-mail me at [email protected]


Maas-Elektronik - German Importer of Cobra and other brands. Indicative Prices, expensive shipping. - PMR446 only store.

Neuner - Good selection. Nice prices. Cheap Shipping.

Thiecom - Good selection. Nice prices. Cheap Shipping. Different brands than the above one.

Pits - Never tried this one. Looks like worth a try. Nice prices.

FunkShop - Never tried it. Does have an interesting “Monthly Promotion” section.

 If, anyway, you think German is really not your language and the internet translators are really not cutting it for you, or if you rather prefer to stick to the english languge, you can always take a look at some UK  stores that *do* export into continental Europe.

Crystal Radio Systems - Never tried it, but they do have nice customer reviews.


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