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In this page you'll be able to find links to either state/European radio authorities, and to much more complete than mine PMR446 pages.


Delboy's Enterprises - With everything you ever wanted to know about PMR446... and more..

A PMR446 page - General PMR446 info and Manufacturers/models information

Transmission1 - Another great page. PMR446 Explained,  PMR Radios Reviews and more.

446 User - Dean's Site. Learn how you can speak across continents with your PMR446 radio and an internet conection, and how to set up a repeater in your area. - Catalog site of the UK Cobra importer (has been know to have wrong characteristics from time to time)

ClubPMR - Information in spanish. Belongs to the nice Radio Noticias Magazine.

Eduardo Jesusí Homepage - In portuguese. With pictures of several PMR models.

The UK Radio Authority page with explanation on PMR446

The European Radio Office page: 


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