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Cobra MT305

 The PMR Radios I currently own is a pair of Cobra MicroTalk 305's and a Cobra MicroTalk MT925 Pro

When I lost my MT305 manual, I had a bit of a hard time on getting another one, and the only one I could find on Cobra's Web Page was for the MT305FRS, wich doesn't features the voice scramble ability. Besides that, it's precisely the same.

 But, if you want the MT305PMR manual, you can just dowload it from this page. If you need newer models manuals, they’re online at Cobra’s page, at the International section.




Jpeg captures of the manual pages (lower quality):

English             Portuguese

PDF versions of the manual:

English              Portuguese


 If there is any other Euro-language you'd like the manual for download, drop me an e-mail at [email protected], and I'll see if I can get it.


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